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1 A. N. Ramaprakash ASI2017_1022 IUCAA, Pune The Thirty Metre Telescope : a leap from known unknowns to unknown unknowns
3 Aarthy E ASI2017_1281 PRL, Ahmedabad GRB Polarization using AstroSat CZTI Oral
4 Abdul Jaleel PP ASI2017_1178 University of Delhi Spectroscopic study of faint X-ray Pulsators Poster
5 Abdulla Al Mamon ASI2017_1430 Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences, Manipal University Study of parametrized dark energy models with a non-canonical scalar field Poster
6 Abhirup Datta ASI2017_1311 Indian Institute of Techonology Indore Understanding Merger Activities in Galaxy Clusters Using High Fidelity X-ray Temperature Maps and Radio Observations Oral
7 Abhirup Ghosh ASI2017_668 ICTS - TIFR, Bangalore Testing general relativity using gravitational wave signals from the inspiral, merger and ringdown of binary black holes Oral
8 Abhisek Mohapatra ASI2017_805 NIT, Rourkela Ultraviolet Study of the Large Magellanic Cloud Using GALEX Observations. Poster
9 Abhishek Johri ASI2017_425 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Acceleration and evolution of solar energetic particle events in the Sun-Earth distance. Oral
10 Abhishek Kumar ASI2017_1166 IIT, Kanpur Energy spectrum for buoyancy-driven turbulence Oral
11 Abhishek Kumar Srivastava ASI2017_1370 IIT, Varanasi Coronal EUV Waves and Their Interaction with the Localized Magnetic Structures Oral
12 Abhishek Paswan ASI2017_570 ARIES, Nainital First observational measurement of magnetic field strengths in ISM of early- type galaxies Oral
13 Abinaya Swaruba R ASI2017_1279 Christ University, Bangalore Spectroscopic study of blue stragglers in opencluster M67 Poster
14 Abir Sarkar ASI2017_496 RRI, Bangalore The effects of non-standard dark matter on CMB spectral distortion Oral
15 Aditi Vijayan ASI2017_974 RRI, Bangalore Understanding Radio Emission Using Simulations Poster
16 Aditya Chowdhury ASI2017_447 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Angular Momentum Content in Gas Rich Dwarf Galaxies Oral
17 Aishawnnya Sharma ASI2017_728 Tezpur University Propagation of Different Sunspot Waves and Oscillations in the Magnetically Coupled Solar Atmosphere Oral
18 Aishwarya Kaushik ASI2017_1508 BE student
20 Ajit Kembhavi ASI2017_1053 IUCAA, Pune
21 Ajit kumar Mehta ASI2017_641 ICTS TIFR Inspiral-merger-ringdown gravitational waveforms for binary black holes including the effect of nonquadrupole modes Poster
22 Akash Kumar Patwa ASI2017_603 RRI, Bangalore
23 Akshay Rana ASI2017_725 University of Delhi Constrain on cosmic curvature by using statistical properties of gravitational lenses Poster
24 Akshay Suresh ASI2017_494 IISER, Pune Exploring the Spatial Distribution of Weak Non-thermal Energy Release on the Solar Surface Poster
25 Akshaya Subbanna M S ASI2017_440 Christ University, Bangalore Modelling the Diffuse Ultraviolet Radiation towards Galactic Cirrus Cloud G251.2+73.3 Poster
26 Alik Panja ASI2017_1320 S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences Ongoing star-formation and stellar evolution in the active H II region Sh2-242 Poster
27 Alok Ranjan Tiwary ASI2017_592 Udaipur Solar Observatory, Physical Research Laboratory Imaging Spectro-polarimeter for Multi Application Solar Telescope (MAST): Preliminary Results Obtained in the Fe I 617.3 nm and Ca II 854.2 nm. Oral
28 Amar Deo Chandra ASI2017_1176 CESSI-IISER Kolkata, Development of a High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer for exploring the Sun's corona Poster
29 Amaresh Mandal ASI2017_1400 Manipal Institute Of Technology,Manipal A Programmable System on Chip (PSoC) based Controller for the PSMT Segment Support Actuators Poster
30 Amareswari K ASI2017_1381 ISRO Satellite Centre , Bangalore On the connection between Active region complexity and Solar Flare strength. Oral
31 Amit Kumar Mandal ASI2017_1157 IIA, Bangalore Determination of the size of the dust torus in H0507+164 through Optical-IR monitoring Poster
32 Amit Pathak ASI2017_708 Tezpur University The Deuterium abundance in astrophysical PAHs Oral
33 Amith Govind ASI2017_1160 Christ University, Bangalore Classical Be Stars and their Different Hα Profiles Poster
34 Ananda Hota ASI2017_818 UM-DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai First results from the GMRT Observation of Objects Discovered by RAD@home Astronomy Collaboratory (GOOD-RAC). Oral
35 Anandmayee Tej ASI2017_1438 IIST, Trivandrum
36 Ananta Charan Pradhan ASI2017_735 NIT, Rourkela The GALEX observations of planetary nebulae. Oral
37 Angelos Tsiaras ASI2017_1516 UCL, London
38 Anilkumar Tolamatti ASI2017_1251 BARC, Mumbai Characterization of coincidence gate-width of the trigger system for MACE telescope Poster
39 Anindita Mondal ASI2017_508 S N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences Spectroscopic analysis of slow nova V5558 Sgr during its 2007 outburst using photoionization code CLOUDY Poster
40 Anjali Rao ASI2017_1318 IUCAA, Pune AstroSat/LAXPC results on timing properties of black hole binaries Poster
41 Ankit Singh ASI2017_1460 IISER, Mohali
42 Annapurni Subramaniam ASI2017_742 IIA, Bangalore Early Science results from the Ultra-Violet Imaging Telescope
43 Annu Jacob ASI2017_801 IIA, Bangalore Pyramid Sensor for Alignment and Phasing a Segmented Mirror Telescope Poster
44 Anuj Gupta ASI2017_1175 Panjab University, Chandigarh
45 Anusha, L. S. ASI2017_1389 Max Planck Institute for solar system research Non-equilibrium hydrogen ionization in the solar atmosphere Oral
46 Anuvab Banerjee ASI2017_1398 S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences 2004 Outburst of BHC H1743-322: Analysis of spectral and timing properties using the TCAF Solution. Oral
47 Archita Rai ASI2017_1174 PRL, IIT Gandhinagar
48 Arghajit Jana ASI2017_455 Indian Centre for Space Physics Propeties of Acctretion Flow around BHC Swift J1753.5-0127 Poster
49 Aritra Chakrabarty ASI2017_1316 IIA, Bangalore
50 Arka Chatterjee ASI2017_1152 Indian Centre for Space Physics Image and Time Lag properties of Photons emitted from a Two Component Advective Flow as obtained from the Monte-Carlo Simulations Poster
51 Arnab Rai Choudhuri ASI2017_1342 IISc, Bangalore How it begins: Magnetic field generation in the Sun's interior
52 Arun Kenath ASI2017_1242 Christ University, Bangalore Alternate Models to Dark Matter and Dark Energy Poster
53 Arun Kumar Diwakar ASI2017_1086 ITM University, Raipur Shape and orientation of elliptical galaxy by photometry Poster
54 ARUN KUMAR NAIDU ASI2017_854 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Simultaneous multi-frequency single pulse observations of pulsars Oral
55 Arun Surya ASI2017_1029 IIA, Bangalore Data Pipeline for Hanle Echelle Spectrograph Oral
56 Ashish ASI2017_1323 PRL, Ahmedabad SZ Effect in Galaxy Clusters as Probe of Dark Matter Poster
57 Ashish Mahabal ASI2017_888 Caltech Art of Exploring and Exploiting Archives Poster
58 Ashish Mhaske ASI2017_1369 IUCAA, Pune Horn antenna and Software Defined Radio for detecting 21 cm hydrogen line Poster
59 Ashmita Tribedi ASI2017_1206 Executive Member, Sky Watchers Importance of Including Astronomy in School Curriculam of India Poster
60 Athira B S ASI2017_1158 IISER, Kolkata Development of a novel Spectral Imaging Polarimeter for Application in Coronal Magnetometry Poster
61 Atreyee Sinha ASI2017_1138 IUCAA, Pune A Multiwavelength Study of TeV Blazars Thesis
62 Atul Mohan ASI2017_450 NCRA-TIFR, Pune A Murchison Widefield Array imaging study of a type III solar radio burst Poster
63 Aveek Sarkar ASI2017_1449 PRL, Ahmedabad
64 Avijeet Prasad ASI2017_1130 PRL, Ahmedabad Magnetic helicity and force-free properties of astrophysical magnetic fields Thesis
65 Avinash Singh ASI2017_1461 IISER, Mohali
66 Avishek Kumar Basu ASI2017_837 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Simultaneous Radio and X-ray Observation of Crab Pulsar Oral
67 Avni Paresh Parmar ASI2017_1307 Pune University Exploring diffuse radio sources in low massive clusters and groups Poster
68 Ayan Bhattacharjee ASI2017_1144 S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata Monte-Carlo Simulations of Thermal Comptonization Process in a Two Component Advective Flow around a Neutron Star Poster
69 Bhal Chandra Joshi ASI2017_611 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Radio Pulsars, gravity and an Indian Pulsar Timing Array Oral
70 Bharti Arora ASI2017_1093 ARIES, Nainital X-ray observations of a colliding wind binary WR-25. Oral
71 Bhavesh Jaiswal ASI2017_916 ISRO Satellite Centre Spectro-polarimetry of the limb of the Martian atmosphere: simulations based on a radiative transfer model Oral
72 Bhoomika ASI2017_802 IIA, Bangalore The connection between optical and GeV flux variations in blazars Poster
73 Bhupendra Kumar Tiwari ASI2017_422 A.P.S. University Rewa M.P. Dependence of Heliospheric and Cosmic Rays Modulation on Solar Activity Oral
74 Bhuwan Joshi ASI2017_1283 Physical Research Laboratory, Udaipur Solar Observatory Pre-flare activities, flux rope eruption and associated X2.7 solar flare from active region NOAA 12339 Oral
76 Bidya Binay Karak ASI2017_1276 High Altitude Observatory, National Center for Atmospheric Research Why do stars rotate differentially? Oral
77 Bimal Pande ASI2017_1322 Kumaun University, Nainital Multiwavelength Analysis of a typical prominence with helical twisting associated with a CME Oral
78 Biny Sebastian ASI2017_857 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Study of candidate X-shaped radio galaxies at low radio frequencies Poster
79 Biswajit Pandey ASI2017_1238 Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan An information theory based search for homogeneity and isotropy in Galaxy Redshift Surveys
80 Blesson Mathew ASI2017_1236 TIFR, Mumbai The curious case of PDS 11: a nearby, >10 Myr old, classical T Tauri binary system Oral
81 Broja Gopal Dutta ASI2017_820 RBC College, (West Bengal State University), Naihati, North Twenty Four Parganas Implication of disk inclination on Hard and Soft lags in binary systems Oral
82 Bryan Rithesh Miranda ASI2017_1099 Bangalore University, Bangalore Detecting UV bright stellar population in Open Cluster Remnants Oral
83 C S Stalin ASI2017_784 IIA, Bangalore Narrow Line Seyfert 1 galaxies Oral
84 C. K. Bhat ASI2017_825 BARC, Mumbai Multi-Analysis Study on Cerenkov data recorded by TACTIC telescope Poster
85 Chaitanya Afle ASI2017_453 IISER, Pune Detection and characterization of spin-orbit resonances in the advanced gravitational wave detectors era Poster
86 Chaitanya Priyadarshi ASI2017_1112 RRI, Bangalore
87 Chanda J. Jog ASI2017_1095 IISc, Bangalore Off-centred dark matter halo leading to strong central disc lopsidedness Oral
88 Chayan Mondal ASI2017_737 IIA, Bangalore UVIT imaging of WLM: Understanding star formation in the dwarf irregular galaxy Poster
89 Chetana Jain ASI2017_1232 Hansraj College, University of Delhi Orbital decay of the low mass X-ray binary MXB 1658-298 and indication of a massive circumbinary planet from X-ray eclipse timing Oral
90 Chiranjib Konar ASI2017_1410 AIAS, Amity Univ. Uttar Pradesh, Noida Episodic Radio Galaxies and Mode of Accretion in Them Oral
91 Debangana Sarkar ASI2017_1286 BARC, Mumbai GPS based Event Time Stamp and Time Synchronization of various Subsystems of MACE gamma ray Telescope Poster
92 Debashish Jena ASI2017_1147 National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER) Probing the zoo of isolated neutron stars in the Galaxy with statistical techniques Poster
93 Debbijoy Bhattacharya ASI2017_1372 MCNS, Manipal University Unusual long term low activity states of EGRET Blazars in the Fermi Era Oral
94 Debjit Chatterjee ASI2017_1153 Indian Centre for Space Physics, Kolkata Spectral and Temporal properties of MAXI J1543-564 during initial phase of its 2011 outburst Poster
95 Devarshi Choudhury ASI2017_1171 Christ University, Bangalore
96 Devendra Bisht ASI2017_1271 PRL, Ahmedabad Astrophysical parameters of poorly studied open cluster NGC 5617 Poster
97 Dhanya J S ASI2017_1088 MNIT, Jaipur
98 Dhrimadri Khata ASI2017_1357 S. N. Bose Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata Understanding Physical Properties of Young M-dwarfs : Optical and Near-IR spectroscopic studies. Oral
99 Dhruv Pathak ASI2017_1326 Institute of Mathematical Scineces (IMSc), Chennai Probing Orbital Properties of Wide Binary Pulsars Poster
100 Dibyendu Nandi ASI2017_1366 CESSI, IISER Kolkata The Science Case for Solar and Space Weather Observations from Lagrange Point L5 in Space Oral
101 Dinesh Vasanta Hegde ASI2017_513 Student Gaps in the Main-sequence of Star Clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud Poster
102 Dipak Debnath ASI2017_1308 Indian Centre for Space Physics TCAF model in XSPEC : An efficient tool to understand accretion flow properties of black hole binaries Oral
103 Dipankar Banerjee ASI2017_383 IIA, Bangalore
104 Dipanweeta Bhattacharyya ASI2017_552 IIA, Bangalore Evolution of the black hole nuclei in elliptical galaxies Poster
105 Dipen Sahu ASI2017_1509 PRL
106 Divya Oberoi ASI2017_798 NCRA-TIFR, Pune
107 Dorje ASI2017_1037 IIA, Bangalore
108 Dr. R.S. Pandey ASI2017_1511 Amity Inst. of Applied Sciences, Amity University, Noida, U.P.
109 Durgesh Tripathi ASI2017_565 IUCAA, Pune It's hot, magnetic, happening and it matters: The Solar Corona
110 Dusmanta Patra ASI2017_1227 Indian Centre for Space Physics, Kolkata Multi-frequency study of large radio galaxies Poster
111 eswar reddy ASI2017_621 IIA, Bangalore TMT-WFOS optical design analysis and flexure compensation tool Poster
112 G. Sindhuja ASI2017_1337 Physical research laboratory, Udaipur solar observatory, udaipur Study of confined and eruptive solar events observed in Ca-K images Oral
113 G.C. Anupama ASI2017_889 IIA, Bangalore
114 G.S.Suryanarayana ASI2017_1246 IIA, Bangalore The question of two class of flares Poster
115 Gajanan Dnyaneshwar Harale ASI2017_471 Sp Pune University, Pune Study of Particle Acceleration Mechanism during the formation of shocks in galaxy clusters formation Poster
116 Garima Singh ASI2017_1270 Jet Propulsion Laboratory Direct imaging of Exoplanets at small inner working angle Poster
117 Gaurav Singh ASI2017_1179 ARIES, Nainital Proper motion study of star clusters Poster
118 Gaurava K Jaisawal ASI2017_432 PRL, Ahmedabad First detection of cyclotron resonance scattering feature in high mass X-ray binary pulsar SMC X-2 with NuSTAR Oral
119 Gautam Saikia ASI2017_634 Tezpur University Infrared polarization of Circumstellar Dust Poster
120 Gayathri V ASI2017_1208 PHD student Wavelet-based search of coalescing compact binaries with GW detectors Oral
121 Geeta Rangwal ASI2017_1108 Kumaun University Interstellar extinction study in the direction of five young open clusters Poster
122 Giovanna Tinetti ASI2017_1517 UCL, London
123 Girjesh R Gupta ASI2017_530 IUCAA, Pune Heating and cooling of coronal loop observed during a micro-flare with IRIS, SDO, and XRT Oral
124 Gourav Banerjee ASI2017_1148 Co-Founder, Kolkata Institute of Fundamental Science & Astronomy Developing Year-long Astronomy Activity Sessions for School Students to Promote Astronomy Education Poster
125 Govind G Nampoothiri ASI2017_1435 Space Physics Laboratory, VSSC,ISRO, Trivandrum
126 Gulab Dewangan ASI2017_869 IUCAA, Pune AstroSat status and science support
127 GURPREET KAUR ASI2017_452 Panjab University, Chandigarh
128 Harinder P Singh ASI2017_474 University of Delhi, Delhi Astronomy and Astrophysics at Delhi University
130 Hitaishi Bhatt ASI2017_1104 Ph.D scholar Variation in Coronal Rotation with altitude Poster
131 Indrani Banerjee ASI2017_1142 S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences Analysis of spectral characteristics of the persistent source Cygnus X-1 using the TCAF Solution Poster
132 Indulekha Kavila ASI2017_956 Mahatma Gandhi University IMF Variations and the Small Variations in Fundamental Star Formation Relations Poster
133 J S Yadav ASI2017_644 TIFR, Mumbai
134 J.K.Jain ASI2017_1499 physical Research Laboratory
135 Jameer Manur ASI2017_1219 IUCAA, Pune Hands on approach to Radio astronomy Poster
136 Janakee Raste ASI2017_1256 RRI, Bangalore Analytically Modelling Early Phase of EoR Oral
137 Jay Viralbhai Desai ASI2017_1497 Prarthana Vidyalaya
138 Jayanti Krishna Pandey ASI2017_1383 Udai Pratap college Varanasi, U.P. Low and high latitude solar activity Poster
139 Jayaram N. Chengalur ASI2017_1089 NCRA-TIFR, Pune
140 Jayashree Roy ASI2017_727 UM-DAE Center for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai Temporal and Spectral study of 4U 1626-67 with LAXPC (ASTROSAT) Oral
141 Jayprakash R. Kamble ASI2017_1478 NCRA-TIFR, Pune
142 Joe Jacob ASI2017_910 Newman College, Thodupuzha, Kerala
143 Jonathan Tennyson ASI2017_1513 University College London
144 Joseph P J ASI2017_1343 IISER, Thiruvananthapuram Inflation driven by exponential non-minimal coupling of inflaton with gravity. Poster
145 Joshi Yogeshkumar Dileepkumar ASI2017_1377 Poornima University - Jaipur
146 Joydeep Bagchi ASI2017_1325 IUCAA, Pune Saraswati: An Extremely Massive ~200 Megaparsec Scale Supercluster Oral
147 K S Dwarakanath ASI2017_1486 RRI, Bangalore
148 K. Chenna Reddy ASI2017_785 Osmania University, Hyderabad Meteor observations with the all-sky SKiYMET radar at Thumba Poster
149 K. Nagaraju ASI2017_1402 IIA, Bangalore Spectropolarimetric observations of a small scale reconnection event in the chromosphere simultaneously in H alpha and Ca II at 854.2 nm Oral
150 K. P. Singh ASI2017_630 T.I.F.R., Mumbai
151 K. Sankarasubramanian ASI2017_694 ISRO Satellite Centre A Novel Spectroscopic Concept for High Time Cadence Velocity Measurements Oral
152 K. Sriram ASI2017_1297 Department of Astronomy Anti-correlated lags in a Z-source GX 17+2 Poster
153 Kalyani Bagri ASI2017_409 Pt. Ravishankar shukla university Systematic Spectral Analysis of Low/Hard State of GX 339-4 During Four Outbursts to Investigate the Truncation of Accretion Disk Oral
154 Kanak Saha ASI2017_891 IUCAA, Pune ASTRoSAT/UVIT deep observation of HST/Chandra Deep Field South Oral
155 Kanan Kumar Datta ASI2017_1241 Presidency University, Kolkata Probing the universe with the HI 21cm line
156 Karamveer Kaur ASI2017_970 RRI, Bangalore Non-Axisymmetric Instabilities of a Stellar Disc around a Black Hole Oral
157 Kaushal Sharma ASI2017_456 University of Delhi Low-resolution spectroscopic investigation of Am stars Poster
158 Kaushar Vaidya ASI2017_716 BITS, Pilani IRAS 10427-6032 - An Embedded Star Cluster in the outskirts of the Carina Nebula Poster
159 Kazuyuki Furuuchi ASI2017_1425 Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences Excursions through KK modes Poster
160 Kishore ASI2017_1419 NITK Observations of neutral hydrogen line (HI 1420.40575 MHz) with an affordable radio receiver Poster
161 Konstantinos Kolokythas ASI2017_1391 IUCAA, Pune The Complete Local-Volume Groups Sample: Radio properties and feedback implications of galaxy groups in the Local Universe Oral
162 Koshy George ASI2017_1129 IIA, Bangalore Galaxies reborn: The curious case of star forming elliptical galaxies Oral
163 Krishna Kumar Pandey ASI2017_931 Osmania University, Hyderabad Asymmetry breaks during solar activity Poster
164 Krishna Kumar Singh ASI2017_755 BARC, Mumbai Very high energy gamma-ray observations of a few Fermi detected blazars using TACTIC telescope Thesis
165 Krishna Mohana A ASI2017_1376 MCNS, Manipal University Broadband Spectral Energy Distribution of PKS 0208-512 Poster
166 Krishnakumar M.A ASI2017_905 RAC, NCRA-TIFR, Ooty and Bharatiar University, Coimbatore Towards understanding the ISM turbulence using pulsars Oral
167 Krishnendu Mandal ASI2017_566 TIFR, Mumbai Computation of 3d spherical kernel for the understanding of meridional circulation Oral
168 Krishnendu N. V. ASI2017_645 Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai Testing the binary black hole nature of compact binary coalescences using gravitational wave observations Oral
169 Kshama Sara Kurian ASI2017_1367 IIA, Bangalore AGN and star-burst activity in Seyfert galaxies Poster
170 Labani Mallick ASI2017_547 IUCAA, Pune Intrinsic coronal variability in the narrow-line Seyfert 1 AGN PG1404+226 Poster
171 Lalitha Sairam ASI2017_925 IIA, Bangalore High-energy environment of exoplanets around low-mass stars Poster
172 Lavanya Nemani ASI2017_817 RAD@home Astronomy Collaboratory, India How any BSc/BE can participate in citizen science research in astronomy using GMRT Poster
173 Lekshmi B ASI2017_1136 IISER, Kolkata Testing systematics in time-distance helioseismic measurements of meridional flows using artificial data Poster
174 Lijo Thomas George ASI2017_744 RRI, Bangalore
175 Luca Cortese ASI2017_1090 International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research Galaxy transformation in the local Universe
176 M. Syed Ibrahim ASI2017_1295 Madurai Kamaraj University Major Geo-effective Solar Eruptive Event on 2015 June 21 Poster
177 Madhulita Das ASI2017_1327 NIT, Rourkela Plasma-screening effects in the astrophysically relevant He-like and Li-like ions Poster
178 Mahadev Baburao Pandge ASI2017_499 Dayanand Science College, Latur Discovery of Mpc-scale X-ray tail in MACS J0553.4-3342 Poster
179 Mahathi Chavali ASI2017_1217 Manipal Institute of Technology Comparative analysis of X-ray emission from T Tauri stars and Herbig Ae/Be stars Oral
180 Mahendra Kothari ASI2017_1314 BARC, Mumbai VHE gamma-ray observations of Markarian 421 TACTIC during 2015-16. Poster
181 Mahendra Verma ASI2017_1163 IIT, Kanpur How MHD Turbulence theories can help understand solar wind and solar magnetic field. Oral
182 Mahesh ASI2017_1426 BARC, Mumbai Automatic Generic Modern/Flat UI MACE Scheduler Poster
183 Mamta Gulati ASI2017_794 IISER, Mohali Is Ram pressure stripping efficient in quenching star formation? Oral
184 Manjunath Hegde ASI2017_1293 IIA, Bangalore Long term study of the sun using Kodaikanal H-alpha data archive Oral
185 Manoj Puravankara ASI2017_933 TIFR, Mumbai Underabunadance of water behind interstellar shocks: Implications for the oxygen budget of the ISM Oral
186 Marcell Tessenyi ASI2017_1515 University College London
187 Mayank Narang ASI2017_1101 TIFR, Mumbai The dust composition of transitional disks Poster
188 Mayukh Pahari ASI2017_548 IUCAA, Pune AstroSat/LAXPC hard X-ray view of Galactic micro-quasars : A new window to explore hard X-ray variability above 20 keV Poster
189 Md Arif Shaikh ASI2017_1258 Harish-Chandra Research Institute Emergence of relativistic sonic geometry through perturbation of matter in black hole metric Poster
190 Mekhi Dhesi ASI2017_1254 Blue Skies Space / University College London Twinkle Space Mission Oral
191 Mithun N P S ASI2017_444 PRL, Ahmedabad In-flight Spectral Calibration of AstroSat CZT Imager Oral
192 Mohammad Shafi Khan ASI2017_1042 Government Degree College, Srinagar Cosmological Evolution of the Universe from Big Bang to Structure Formation Poster
193 Mohana Thara C ASI2017_1252 Christ University, Bangalore STUDY OF THE TRANSIENT NATURE OF Be STARS Poster
194 mousumi das ASI2017_1405 IIA, Bangalore A Study of the Galaxies within the Bootes Void Oral
195 Mradul Sharma ASI2017_675 BARC, Mumbai Performance of the MACE gamma ray telescope in low zenith angle (5 - 25 degree) range Poster
196 Muhammed saleem ASI2017_1390 IISER Trivandrum Prospects of LIGO-India in probing mass and spin parameters of compact binaries Poster
197 Mussadiq Hussain Qureshi ASI2017_421 University of Kashmir Punctuated Inflation and low-l power supression in CMB Poster
198 N Kameswar Rao ASI2017_1422 Indian Institute of Astrophysics UVIT -- A nnew Tool for the Study of Planetary Nebulae iUV Oral
199 Nafisa Aftab ASI2017_682 RRI, Bangalore X-ray reprocessing: Through eclipse spectra of High and Low Mass X-ray Binaries Oral
200 Nandan Kumar ASI2017_1313 BARC VHE gamma-ray observations of Active Galactic Nuclei using TACTIC gamma-ray telescope during 2015-16. Poster
201 nandita ASI2017_1428 Udaipur Solar Observatory, PRL Preliminary observations with Multi-Application Solar Telescope (MAST) at Udaipur Solar Observatory
202 Nandivada Rathnasree ASI2017_1097 Nehru Planetarium, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library
203 Narendra Nath Patra ASI2017_771 NCRA-TIFR, Pune The expanded Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope Oral
205 Nazma Islam ASI2017_1204 Nicholas Copernicus Astronomical Centre, Warsaw, Poland The many facets of variabilities in X-ray binaries Thesis
206 Naznin R Choudhury ASI2017_1216 Assam University, Silchar Study of porous grains and related properties of cometary dust Oral
207 Neelam Dhanda Batra ASI2017_646 BITS-Pilani Hyderabad Campus The strength of gravitational wave emission from the isolated neutron stars at finite entropy Poster
208 neelam panwar ASI2017_582 University of Delhi, Delhi Stellar content and mass function of the cluster Be 59 towards the low-mass end Oral
209 Nikhel Gupta ASI2017_1091 Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany Observations and Simulations of Galaxy Clusters: Cluster Radio Galaxies and their Implications on SZE Signal, Simulated Pressure Profiles and SZE Mass Oral
210 Nilam Raghunath Navale ASI2017_1207 Dayanand Science College, Latur, Maharashtra Long Term X-ray Variability Characteristics of Black Hole Binary GRS 1915+105 Poster
211 Nirupam Roy ASI2017_1371 IISc, Bangalore Radio monitoring of Galactic novae: highlights of recent results Oral
212 nishikanta khandai ASI2017_1514 niser
213 Nishtha Sachdeva ASI2017_416 IISER, Pune CME Propagation Dynamics: Relative importance of Lorentz forces and solar wind drag Poster
214 Omkar Suresh Bait ASI2017_671 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Star formation history of massive galaxies along the Hubble sequence Oral
215 P K Manoharan ASI2017_1020 RAC-NCRA-TIFR, Ooty
216 P Sreekumar ASI2017_1054 IIA, Bangalore
217 P. Vemareddy ASI2017_1262 IIA, Bangalore Recurrent eruptions by converging and shearing polarities in a solar active region Oral
218 Padmakar Parihar ASI2017_1056 Indian Institute of Astrophysics A step toward realization of  a large Optical-NIR telescope in India. Oral
219 Pankaj Sanwal ASI2017_795 Aryabhatta Research Institute of observational sciences Optical analysis of Type IIb Supernova 2016gkg Poster
220 Parijat Thakur ASI2017_1340 Guru Ghasidas Central University, Bilaspur Transit Timing Variation Analysis of Extra-solar Planet Qatar-1b with Three New Transits Poster
221 Paul K. T. ASI2017_971 Christ University, Bangalore
222 Pintu Kanthal ASI2017_1455 Rautara Mahendranath Memorial High School, Sriballavpur, W. B.
223 Piyali Saha ASI2017_1306 ARIES, Nainital Polarimetric and Spectroscopic Study of L1616 Oral
224 Pooja Bhattacharjee ASI2017_540 Bose Institute, Kolkata Searching for signatures of dark matter annihilation from Triangulum II using FERMI gamma ray data Oral
225 Prajwal V P ASI2017_1187 BITS Pilani Goa Cosmic filaments around galaxy clusters Poster
226 Prakash Arumugasamy ASI2017_1299 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Absorption-like features in middle-aged pulsars Oral
227 Prakash Gaikwad ASI2017_647 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Low-$z$ Ly-$\alpha$ forest simulation and its application Oral
228 Pramod Kumar ASI2017_405 Jagan Nath University, Jaipur Inverse gradient for conduction cooling with temperature of solar Microflares thermal X-ray plasma Poster
229 Pranav Sharma ASI2017_1333 Independent Researcher Light Curve Analysis of Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) Poster
230 Pranjupriya Goswami ASI2017_1188 Tezpur University Dust modelling in the Large Magellanic Cloud Poster
231 Prantika Bhowmik ASI2017_1105 IISER, Kolkata Prediction of Solar Cycle 25 Using A Surface Flux Transport Model Oral
232 Prasanna Deshmukh ASI2017_428 IIA, Bangalore Wind disturbance effect on PSMT Segment Support Actuator - Modeling and Control Poster
233 Prasanta Bera ASI2017_835 IUCAA, Pune Spectral and timing properties of the magnetic CVs Oral
235 Prashant Kumar ASI2017_1328 PRL, Ahmedabad Solar Wind Ion Spectrometer (SWIS) on-board Aditya-L1 Mission Oral
236 Prateek Gupta ASI2017_768 S. P . Pune University, Pune Revealing the unseen Universe by numerical modelling of radio emission Poster
237 Pratheeksha Nayak ASI2017_1294 Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology OI Lines in Herbig Ae/Be Stars Poster
238 Pratik Dabhade ASI2017_601 IUCAA, Pune SAGAN - Search & Analysis of GRGs with Associated Nuclei Oral
239 Pratik Tarafdar ASI2017_1017 S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences Influence of disc geometry on shocked accretion Poster
240 Preeti Kharb ASI2017_936 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Low Frequency Radio Observations of Radio-Weak Seyfert Galaxies Invited
241 Preetish Kumar Mishra ASI2017_687 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Pseudo bulges in galaxy groups: the role of environment in secular evolution Oral
242 Prerna Rana ASI2017_544 IIA, Bangalore Dynamics of bound orbits in Kerr geometry and QPO frequency ratios Oral
243 Prithvi Raj Singh ASI2017_973 A.P.S. University, Rewa Solar Activity in association with Geomagnetic Activity during Solar Cycles 22-24 Poster
244 Priti Mishra ASI2017_1386 Harish-Chandra Research Institute Curious case of gravitational lensing by binary black holes: a tale of two photon spheres, new relativistic images and caustics Poster
245 Pritpal Sandhu ASI2017_1132 IIT, Indore Towards the restoration of the Jantar Mantar observatory instruments at Delhi Ia. Calibration and observations with the Jaiprakash Yantra Poster
246 Priya Hasan ASI2017_740 MANUU, Hyderabad A tale of two Populations: NGC 281 Oral
247 Priyanka Chaturvedi ASI2017_433 PRL, Ahmedabad Radial Velocity studies of Eclipsing Binary Systems Thesis
248 Priyanka Singh ASI2017_482 RRI, Bangalore Constraints on the relation between the X-ray AGNs and host dark matter halo: potential role of eROSITA Oral
249 Prolay ASI2017_1312 IIA, Bangalore Recent star formation in the Magellanic Bridge Poster
250 R. Satheesh Thampi ASI2017_1451 SPL, VSSC, ISRO, Thiruvananthapuram
251 Rahul Bandyopadhyay ASI2017_1213 Satyendra Nath Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata Morpho-Kinematical Study of Nova V477 Scuti Poster
252 Rahul Sharma ASI2017_1107 University of Delhi Spectroscopic study of the dipping behaviour of MXB 1658-298 with XMM-Newton Poster
253 Raj Prince ASI2017_896 RRI, Bangalore
254 Raja Bayanna ASI2017_591 PRL/Udaipur Solar Observatory A Low-order Adaptive Optics System for Multi-Application Solar Telescope Poster
255 Rajashik Tarafder ASI2017_1230 IISER, Kolkata A Mathematical Model for Solar and Anthropogenic Forcing of Global Climate Oral
256 Rakesh Mazumder ASI2017_510 CESSI, IISER Kolkata Simultaneous longitudinal and transverse oscillation in an active filament Oral
257 Ram Sagar ASI2017_1073 IIA, Bangalore
258 Ramesh Chandra ASI2017_945 Kumaun University, Naintal Recurrent solar eruptive flares on 2016 July 23 Poster
259 Ranadeep Sarkar ASI2017_1330 Udaipur Solar Observatory, Physical Research Laboratory On the dynamics of the largest active region of the solar cycle 24 Poster
260 Ranjan Gupta ASI2017_384 IUCAA
261 Ranjani Lakshminarayan ASI2017_1338 Christ University, Bangalore Emission line variabilities of Classical Be-Stars Poster
262 Ranjeev Misra ASI2017_853 IUCAA, Pune ASTROSAT: A New Era for Rapid X-ray Timing Studies
263 Ratna Koley ASI2017_1417 Presidency University, Kolkata Magnetogenesis in Bouncing Cosmology Poster
264 Reetika Joshi ASI2017_1231 Kumaun University, Nainital Multiple Solar Jets from Rotating Active Region Oral
265 Rekhesh Mohan ASI2017_1365 IIA, Bangalore Observing with UVIT: Software Tools to plan your observations Oral
266 Rengaswamy Sridharan ASI2017_1255 IIA, Bangalore Imaging with Masked Apertures: Application to Solar Imaging Oral
267 Richa Kundu ASI2017_615 University of Delhi Multiphase PL-PC Relations for Cepheids Poster
268 Rishi Khatri ASI2017_1483 TIFR, Mumbai Information hidden in the CMB spectral distortions
269 Ritabrata Sarkar ASI2017_1226 Indian Centre for Space Physics Low Cost Exploration of Space Using Weather Balloon Borne X-ray Detectors Oral
270 Ritika Solanki ASI2017_1350 IIT, Varanasi
271 rohit ASI2017_649 NCRA-TIFR, Pune On the energisation of particles by fast magnetic reconnection. Poster
272 Rubinur Khatun ASI2017_690 IIA, Bangalore Resolving the dual AGN and tracing the helical jets in 2MASXJ12032061+1319316 Poster
273 Rudrani Kar Chowdhury ASI2017_517 Presidency University, Kolkata X-ray properties of galaxy groups Poster
274 Rulee Baruah ASI2017_764 HRH The Prince of Wales Instt. of Engineering and Technology Electron capture and beta decay rates in highly explosive scenario of type II supernova Poster
275 Rupal Basak ASI2017_545 Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warsaw Spectral study of the hard state of GX 339-4 and Cygnus X-1 Oral
276 Ruta Kale ASI2017_427 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Discovery of a radio relic in the merging galaxy cluster PLCKG200.9-28.2 Poster
277 s n tandon ASI2017_640 IUCAA, Pune and IIA, Bengaluru
278 S Seetha ASI2017_1063 ISRO, BANGALORE
279 Sabyasachi Chattopadhyay ASI2017_691 IUCAA, Pune IFU System for DOTIFS - Creation and Deployment Oral
280 Sabyasachi Pal ASI2017_1228 Indian Centre for Space Physics Galactic and extra-galactic transient radio sources Poster
281 Sachin P C ASI2017_1146 IIST, Thiruvananthapuram Detection of Two Intervening Ne VIII Absorbers Probing Warm-Hot Gas at z > 0 Oral
282 Sachindra Naik ASI2017_754 PRL, Ahmedabad Recent Results on Cyclotron Resonance Scattering Features in Accretion Powered X-ray Pulsars Oral
283 Safiqul Islam ASI2017_1209 Harish Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad Wormholes supported by two non-interacting fluids Poster
284 Sagar Godambe ASI2017_1243 BARC, Mumbai Performance evaluation of prototype imaging camera for the MACE telescope Oral
285 Sagarika Das ASI2017_1161 University Of Calcutta
286 Sajal Kumar Dhara ASI2017_1331 Udaipur Solar Observatory/Physical Research Laboratory Study of Evolution of Magnetic Inhomogeneities on the Sun using Narrow Band Imaging Thesis
287 Samir Dhurde ASI2017_1050 IUCAA, Pune
288 Samrat Ghosh ASI2017_1356 S N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata A Search for Photometric Variability in Young/old Brown Dwarfs Poster
289 Samyaday Choudhury ASI2017_1266 Yonsei University Observatory, Seoul, Republic of Korea First of its kind photometric metallicity map of the Small Magellanic Cloud Oral
290 Sanchita Pal ASI2017_1239 CESSI, IISER Kolkata On the relationship of the CME velocity and the magnetic parameters of its source active region Poster
291 Sandeep Kumar Kataria ASI2017_551 IIA, Bangalore Studying the Formation and Structure of Bars in Dark Matter Dominated Spiral Galaxies with and without bulges. Oral
292 Sandip Bhattacharya ASI2017_1008 B.M.Birla Planetarium, Jaipur
293 Sandip Kumar Chakrabarti ASI2017_1454 S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata
294 Sanhita ASI2017_1200 RRI, Bangalore An intriguing partial eclipse in the high mass X-ray binary pulsar IGR J16393–4643 Oral
296 Sanna Gulati ASI2017_1373 MCNS, Manipal University Intra-night Optical Variability of Misaligned Active Galaxies Poster
297 Santaji N Katore ASI2017_924 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Characterising the time-domain (250-500 MHz) band stability of the upgraded GMRT system Oral
298 Santosh Vadawale ASI2017_1031 PRL, Ahmedabad Hard X-ray Polarimetry with AstroSat CZTI
299 Sarita Vig ASI2017_1437 IIST, Thiruvananthapuram An insight into massive star formation in dense cores of molecular clouds Invited
300 Sarmistha Banik ASI2017_946 BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus universal relations of rotating neutron stars with exotic matter Poster
301 Satadal Datta ASI2017_1268 Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Chhatnag Road, Allahabad Bondi flow revisited Poster
302 Satya Narain Mathur ASI2017_1500 PRL, Ahmedabad
303 Saurabh Deshpande ASI2017_1445 Sb Jain Institute of Technology,Management and Research
304 Saurabh Neema ASI2017_812 BARC, Mumbai Design and Development of Camera Electronics for MACE telescope Poster
305 Savithri H Ezhikode ASI2017_469 St. Thomas College, Kozhencherry, Kerala Torus covering factors of type 1 AGN: A study based on a sample of 51 sources in the nearby universe Poster
306 Shailen Aggrahari ASI2017_1502 ASTRRO CREATIONS & IMPEX PVT. LTD.
307 shalini sarkar ASI2017_979 University of Kalyani Statistical analysis of solar radio bursts in connection to sunspot numbers for the solar cycle 23 and 24 Poster
308 Sharada Keshav Jogdand ASI2017_1380 S. R. T. M. University, Nanded X-ray Spectral Analysis of Cyg X-1 source using LAXPC AstroSat Observations Poster
309 Sharmila Ghosh ASI2017_514 Senior Research Fellow A multiwavelength approach to the evolution of cold gas from quasar absorption lines Poster
310 Shashikiran Ganesh ASI2017_467 PRL, Ahmedabad
311 Sheelu Abraham ASI2017_470 IUCAA, Pune Automated Detection of Barred Galaxies using Convolutional Neural Network Oral
312 Sheo Kumar Pandey ASI2017_1064 Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur
313 Shilpa Sarkar ASI2017_1182 ARIES, Nainital Radiative processes of flows around compact objects Poster
314 Shishir Sankhyayan ASI2017_594 IISER, Pune Large Scale Structures and Clusters-Voids Cross-correlation Poster
315 Shiv Kumar Goyal ASI2017_1261 Scientist/Engineer-SD Supra Thermal & Energetic Particle Spectrometer (STEPS) - subsystem of ASPEX payload, onboard Aditya-L1 mission Oral
316 Shivangi Gupta ASI2017_1341 PRL, Ahmedabad
317 Shrishail Raut ASI2017_533 Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University Analysis of thin mirrors using integration of NX Nastran and MATLAB Poster
318 Shruthi S Bhat ASI2017_431 Christ University, Bangalore Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Classical Be Stars Poster
319 Siddharth Malu ASI2017_1385 IIT, Indore SKA High Frequency Case: Disentangling the Sunyaev–Zeldovich Effect and Diffuse Emission sub–structure in galaxy clusters Poster
320 Siddhartha Gupta ASI2017_951 IISc and RRI, Bangalore Lack of thermal energy in superbubbles : hint of cosmic rays ? Oral
321 Sindhu N ASI2017_1240 VIT University How hot are Blue Stragglers? Oral
322 Sk Javed Rana ASI2017_650 IUCAA, Pune Searching electromagnetic counterparts for gravitational wave sources Poster
323 Snehalata Sahu ASI2017_705 IIA, Bangalore UVIT Imaging of the globular cluster NGC 288 Oral
324 Sobha Nair ASI2017_1115 JECRC University, Jaipur
325 Somak Raychaudhury ASI2017_1025 IUCAA, Pune IUCAA's role in Astronomy Education in India
326 Somnath Dutta ASI2017_715 S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata Stellar population and the star formation histories of distant Galactic HII regions NGC 2282 and Sh 2-149 Complex Oral
327 Sonali Sachdeva ASI2017_481 IUCAA, Pune An investigation of galaxy morphology tools and application to high redshift galaxies Thesis
328 Soumen Mondal ASI2017_1348 Jadavpur University Gravitational wave emission during the coalescence of the black holes in a binary system in the presence of an accretion disc. Poster
329 Souradeep Bhattacharya ASI2017_1170 BITS, Pilani Stellar Mass Segregation of the aged Galactic Open Cluster Berkeley 17 Poster
330 Spandan Dash ASI2017_1441 IISc, Bangalore
331 Sravani Vaddi ASI2017_1211 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Black hole spins of radio loud quasars Oral
332 Sreejith Padinhatteeri ASI2017_842 Manipal University Birth of a Sunspot : What condition trigger formation of a penumbra? Poster
333 Srikanth Panini Singam ASI2017_584 IIA, Bangalore Development of multilayer mirror based soft X-ray polarimeter Oral
334 SRIYASRITI ACHARYA ASI2017_1374 MCNS, MANIPAL UNIVERSITY UV variability study of Fermi detected quasars Poster
335 Subha lakshmi K ASI2017_1501 Scientist
336 Subhajit Saha ASI2017_503 IISER, Kolkata An attempt to explain recent observations with adiabatic particle creation mechanism Poster
337 Subhamoy Chatterjee ASI2017_757 IIA, Bangalore Extraction of Features and their Long-term Evolution from Century-long Ca II K data of Kodaikanal Observatory Oral
338 Subhash Bose ASI2017_1332 KIAA, Peking University, China Multiwavelength investigation of Core- Collapse Supernovae Thesis
339 Subhrata Dey ASI2017_1128 Christ University, Bangalore Study of Nitrogen abundance in carbon stars Poster
340 Suchetana Chatterjee ASI2017_515 Presidency University
341 Sudhanshu Barway ASI2017_1302 South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO), Cape Town Which bulges are favoured by barred S0 galaxies? Oral
342 Sujan Sengupta ASI2017_436 IIA, Bangalore EXO-MOONS Poster
343 Sujata Mohanty ASI2017_1191 CMR University Study of linear and non-linear cosmological bias of galaxies: Theory vs observations Poster
344 Sujay Mate ASI2017_1043 IISER Pune AstroSAT Mass Model and Transient Detection with CZTI Poster
345 Sukhvinder Kaur solan ASI2017_903 Kolkata astronomy centre, Kolkata
346 Sumana Nandi ASI2017_867 KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm A misaligned double-double radio galaxy hosted by a binary supermassive black hole system Oral
347 Sumit Kumar ASI2017_707 ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru Distinguishing population synthesis models of the evolution of binary black holes using gravitational wave observations Poster
348 Sunitha Rakesh ASI2017_1488 JECRC University, Jaipur
349 Supratik Pal ASI2017_1420 Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata Inflationary cosmology post-Planck 2015 Invited
350 Supriyo Ghosh ASI2017_706 Satyendra Nath Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata The Near-Infrared Spectral Calibration of Late-type Giant Stars from medium resolution HK-band Spectra Poster
351 Surabhi Yadav ASI2017_1321 Christ University, Bangalore Spatial and Dynamical properties of open star cluster:DOLIDZE 46 Poster
352 Surajit Mondal ASI2017_1290 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Full-Stokes Holographic Measurement of GMRT Primary Beams Oral
353 Surajit Paul ASI2017_762 SP Pune University, Pune Possible discovery of multiple shock structures and filamentary inroads to massive galaxy clusters by uGMRT and SKA Oral
354 Sushma Kurapati ASI2017_822 NCRA-TIFR, Pune HI observations of gas-rich void galaxies Oral
355 Susmita Chakravorty ASI2017_1349 IISc, Bangalore MHD acceleration for accretion disk winds around black hole binaries Oral
356 Susmita Das ASI2017_815 University of Delhi A Comparative Analysis of Theoretical and Observed light curves of RR Lyrae variables Poster
357 Swagat Ranjan Das ASI2017_1145 IIST, Trivandrum Star formation associated with infrared bubbles Oral
358 T Swetha ASI2017_748 Omania University, Hyderabad Multiple minor mergers of Galaxies Poster
359 Tanmoy Samanta ASI2017_651 IIA, Bangalore Fine-structure dynamics in the sunspot penumbra and their coupling through the different solar atmospheric layers Poster
360 Tanya Rabban ASI2017_1109 Amity University
362 Tej Bahadur ASI2017_1520 Manipal University, Jaipur
363 Tejpreet Kaur ASI2017_1041 Panjab University, Chandigarh THE CHEMICAL EVOLUTION OF THE MILKY WAY GALAXY Poster
364 Tirthendu Sinha ASI2017_1183 Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Science Optical variability of stellar sources in star forming regions Poster
365 Tomin K James ASI2017_599 IISER, Pune Energetics of small electron acceleration episodes in the solar corona Oral
366 Upendra Kumar Singh Kushwaha ASI2017_1159 University of Allahabad Multi-wavelength Investigations of Solar Eruptive Phenomena Thesis
367 V K Dhar ASI2017_1285 BARC, Mumbai Fabrication, alignment and vibration testing of diamond turned metallic mirrors for the MACE γ-ray telescope. Poster
368 Vaibhav Pant ASI2017_538 IIA, Bangalore Automated Detection of CMEs in Heliosphere: Comparion between manual and automated catalogs Poster
369 varun ASI2017_738 RRI, Bangalore Astrosat LAXPC observation of the rotation powered pulsar PSR B 1598-58 Oral
370 Varun Bhalerao ASI2017_797 IUCAA, Pune Millisecond transients with AstroSat CZTI Poster
371 Varun Kumar ASI2017_489 IIA, Bangalore Analysis and design of planar flexible inductor for segment edge sensing in Segmented Mirror Telescopes Oral
372 Vatsal Panwar ASI2017_1169 BITS, Pilani A study of stellar magnetic activity of M dwarfs from Kepler-2 photometry Poster
373 Vikram Khaire ASI2017_1352 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Helium Reionization and Spectral Energy Distribution of Quasars Oral
374 Vineet Kumar Mannaday ASI2017_1121 Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur (C.G.) Comparative Study of JKTEBOP and TAP codes for Estimating Physical and Orbital Parameters of Extra-solar Planetary Systems Poster
375 Vineeth Valsan ASI2017_554 IIA, Bangalore Develpoment of 2D profilometer stitching algorithm Poster
377 Vipin K. Yadav ASI2017_1317 Space Physics Laboratory (SPL), Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), Thiruvananthapuram Solar plasma (Alfven) wave observation at L1 point with the magnetic field measurements Oral
378 Viral Parekh ASI2017_606 RRI, Bangalore Early results of uGMRT observations of diffuse radio sources Oral
379 Vishal Joshi ASI2017_1045 PRL, Ahmedabad Near-infrared studies of Novae: Highlights of recent results Invited
380 Yamini ASI2017_1351 IIT(BHU), Varanasi
381 Yashpal Bhulla ASI2017_423 Pacific University, Udaipur ACCRETION POWER OF TRANSIENT BLACK HOLE Poster
382 Yashwant Gupta ASI2017_845 NCRA-TIFR, Pune The upgraded GMRT : Current Status and Future Prospects Invited
383 Zavkiddin Mirtoshev ASI2017_1504 Samarkand State University, Physics department, Astronomy division

Note that at this time contributed presentations are only listed under the "Title" column

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